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Tuesday, September 26, 2017


A Golden October

Analysts expect strong bookings for this year’s nine-day Golden Week in October, while VIP revenues for the third quarter of this year are expected to see a 37 per cent yearly increase to reach MOP33.32 billion


5-day free parking to benefit residents

The Macau International Airport (MIA) has rolled out limited numbers of free 5-day car parking spaces for local residents who are to use the MIA services, starting from September 20. The airport informed interested local passengers that the programme is to be valid for passengers who have registered as a member of MIA. Programme users should demonstrate the parking confirmation voucher, the Macau ID card, departure and returning boarding passes and the parking voucher. MIA implemented the...

Passing down advice

As Sino-Luso trade continues to grow yearly, several Chinese businessmen with experience in investing in African Portuguese-speaking countries shared some advice in a Forum Macao meeting

What Hato?



Lionel Leong: Series of schemes to recover city’s economy

Schemes include to hold large scale exhibitions to attract more spending in the city during the quiet month of September


Cape Verdean delays

The conclusion of the construction phase of David’ Chow’s integrated resort in Cape Verde will be delayed by five to six months due to issues with the reclaimed land plots where the project is being developed

The new city next door

With 70 pct of construction of Phase I done, at an investment of RMB500 mln so far, and with all five phases expected to up the price tag to RMB18 bln, Senior Vice President of the Lai Sun Group, Larry Leung, details the plans for the massive Novotown cultural and entertainment development in Hengqin – complete with brands such as National Geographic, Real Madrid, Hyatt Regency, Lionsgate and more.


Housing galore

The development of almost 32,000 housing units in the new land reclamation Zone A in the next two years and the development of housing in Hengqin could create an excess of housing supply in the short-term, opines the Director of the Macau Economic Association, Joey Lao Chi Ngai. The researcher also shares his views regarding a lack of human resources in the city, and the role of the MSAR in the future Greater Bay Area plan and the One Belt, One Road initiative.





Shuffle and deal

Political changes in East Timor led to delays in development projects in the country by local company Charlestrong Engineering Technology and Consulting Limited


DSAL expediting bill amendments on construction workers safety

The progress of amending the bill for regulating the safety of construction workers is being expedited, according to a response by the Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) to an interpellation by legislator Chan Meng Kam. However, the Bureau has not provided the timetable for the bill to be sent to the Legislative Assembly for deliberation. Several industrial accidents happened earlier this year which resulted in casualties on construction sites. Apart from specifying the standards of safe construction, the...

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Penny-pinchers continue to prevaricate

It will take a miracle for a minimum wage for all workers to become effective before 2019, as promised by the government

Putting teeth in paper tigers

Report after report by the city’s two watchdogs highlight problems in the city’s executive branch but have government departments heeded their calls? Many believe the Chief Executive could - and should - do more

All at sea

The MSAR Government brings in the wrecking ball before realising that the shipyards in ancient Coloane cannot just be written off as junk. A rethink considers the possibility of applying for World Heritage site listing along with other options

Left Behind

Although there has recently been consensus on lowering the approval percentage of owners required for redevelopment, many issues remain to be addressed in order to propel the redevelopment of old neighbourhoods – issues that have been on the government agenda for more than a decade

MB Special Report

Macau, Central Korea | Sacrificial Lamb

Following North Korea’s third nuclear test in February 2013, U.S. authorities decided to invoke a financial embargo. The small Macanese Banco Delta Asia was the sole target in this new kind of Washington-Pyongyang war

Macau, Central Korea | A chicken called BDA

The United States attacked Banco Delta Asia without producing any evidence of its allegations. Today, it is known that the bank was only a “symbolic target”

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Accessible Art

Macau is an essential destination for lovers of modern art, with amazing works from renowned contemporary artists from around the world on display all over the city.

Elegance is an Attitude

Essential Macau sits down with eight-time Grand Slam Champion Andre Agassi to discuss life after tennis

Celebrating Chinese fashion

Frankie Xie Feng, the first Chinese designer ever to show at Paris Fashion Week, talks to Essential Macau about his inspiration, career and hopes for the future of Chinese fashion
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