Over 4,000 visitors for this year’s Youth Career Expo


The Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) revealed that the two-day Youth Career Expo 2017 held last weekend attracted a total of 4,066 visitors. According to the data provided earlier during the expo press conference, the number of visitors of last year’s expo was 4,240.
In response to Business Daily enquiries, the Bureau said a number of firms conducted interviews with job seekers at the Expo, and the DSAL claimed it would stay in contact with participatory firms and follow-up on the recruitment conditions.
This year’s edition attracted 70 local companies and institutions, providing a total of some 4,700 employment placements, covering roughly 30 different types of work placement.
‘Given that the related event just ended, the current stage will focus on organising and reviewing the event, in order to optimise and improve next year’s edition,’ stated the Bureau.