A lot on your plate


Owners of light vehicles, motorbikes or tourism buses damaged by Typhoon Hato should cancel their vehicles’ licence plates before September 18 in order to obtain a subsidy on vehicle taxes, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) announced yesterday.
After the cancellation of the damaged vehicle’s licence plate, owners will be able to apply for a full repayment of their vehicle tax from the MSAR Government if they choose to purchase a new vehicle powered by sustainable energy sources, or an 80 per cent repayment in the case of purchasing a vehicle powered by non-renewable energy sources.
Apart from filling in a form and providing a copy of their ID, upon cancellation residents will have to submit documents confirming where the damaged vehicle was located, together with photos and receipts of the company that towed the vehicle.
Vehicle owners who have already cancelled their licence plates and removed the damaged vehicle before September 6 will only have to submit supporting documents to the DSAT.
The documents should by submitted in the three DSAT service areas: in Estrada de D. Maria II, the China Plaza Building, and at the MSAR Service Centre.
Upon cancellation, owners can also request that the DSAT proceed with vehicle removal in order to facilitate the verification of the case information and assist with the procedures undertaken by the Financial Services Bureau (DSF) for the subsidy.