Abandoning the old for the new


The New Macau Gaming Professionals Association has urged the management board of SJM Holdings Ltd to investigate the cases of senior dealers being dismissed and new dealers being hired for lower costs, local broadcaster TDM Radio reported.
During a press conference, the Association, together with nine other dealers, disclosed that dealers were dismissed last month, allegedly without having exhibited any misconduct or received any warnings about work performance.
Cloee Chao, president of the association, noted during the conference that current staff are worried about unjustified dismissal, and disclosed that new staff were being employed despite no new tables being added to the company’s operations.
Business Daily contacted SJM for comment about the allegations as well as its reply to the request made by the dealers, however no response had been received by the time this story went to press.
SJM had previously denied dismissing old staff members and replacing them with new employees without just cause, while noting that the gaming operator has an internal system for employee promotion and dismissal.