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Macau Business is a glossy 4-color, 132 page, monthly magazine in A4 format. Launched in May 2004 by “De Ficção – Projectos Multimedia” it was the first English-language magazine focusing on business and the economy of Macau and the surrounding regions. Over four years running, ”Macau Business”, has established itself in the English-language community.
Macau Business has grown immensely while establishing itself as the distant market leader.
Every month Macau Business presents a range of in depth stories about the development, challenges, economy and financial situations of Macau and the region, with sections dedicated to Gaming and property. Macau Business also runs company profiles, CEO interviews, investigative reports, comprehensive analyses, case studies and opinion polls carried out by renowned universities and institutions.
Macau Business benefits from the collaboration of local analysts and economists as well as experts from Hong Kong and Europe, besides joint efforts from journalists based in Macau, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, the USA and Europe.
The magazine has now a news media portal which includes MBTV, an online video news media. In addition the site offers real time news updates on the regional economy.
Headquartered in Macau SAR, Macau Business has expanded to be sold overseas by New York based magazine online store Magzter. The magazine can be found in all leading Macau hotels and restaurants, business centres and spas, as well as onboard all Air Macau, lounges and private jets and all Turbo Jet vessels.
A growing readership that attracts subscribers from as far a field as Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada and the USA makes the publication the most internationally recognized.


Since it was launched in May 2004, Macau Business has grown over 500 per cent with thousands of copies in all major hotels, lounges, restaurants, newsstands, etc. The majority of the readers are male (60%), aged between 30-45 years; they are high-income individuals from business, finance, gaming and property backgrounds who are researchers, bankers, lawyers, investors, CEOs, MDs, ITs, Purchase Officers, Journalists and Media staffs.


Macau Business is available by subscription and is sold at bookstores, newsstands and convenience stores in Macau and Hong Kong. Its fast growing overseas subscriptions cover Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada and USA. It is also found in Macau’s executive clubs and the lounges of four and five star hotels, plus restaurants, airport lounges, golf clubs, etc. It’s also available in Air Macau and Turbo Jet vessels.


Macau’s premier English language newspaper. The newspaper was the first local English-language business daily publication focusing specifically on the city’s business and political scenes, as well as the broader regional economy.
Business Daily aims to contribute to the development of Macau’s business and political culture by creating, collecting and distributing high-quality news, information and opinions. The newspaper has developed an enviable reputation for authoritative, influential and independent reporting on Macau.
Business Daily is dedicated to providing the most up-to-date analysis on gaming, finance, the retail sector, property and politics.
The newspaper has a growing circulation with a free online version and millions of clicks. Its traffic is mostly by repeated visitors from 190 countries since its inception.


In September 2005 De Ficção – Projectos Multimedia launched sister magazine Business Intelligence, in Chinese language. Also monthly, Business Intelligence relies on its own content, written by a wide range of journalists and correspondents based in Macau, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. Business Intelligence examines economic developments in Macau and the Pearl River Delta region, and aims to be the definitive source of business information for Chinese readers. The editorial focus is on Macau’s key industries including gaming, tourism, property and the retail sector, keeping a sharp eye on the economic climate of the Pearl River Delta region and of Greater China.


Luxury magazine, bilingual (English and Simplified Chinese).
With a growing circulation and distribution in many of the best hotels in Macau, ferries and also a number of hotels in Mainland China.
With international contents provided by other Essential magazines and 50 per cent local content, Essential Macau aims to provide the most updated news and features on the best money can buy and explain trends and brands collections and strategies to readers anxious to know more about the luxury products they acquire and places where can be better pampered.