Access denied


The wife of detained Taiwanese activist Lee Ming-che has been refused entry into Mainland China by the authorities and had her entry permit to China invalidated. The barring happened as Lee Ching-yu planned to travel to Beijing to request information on her husband’s detention, according to the China Post.
The activist’s spouse was set to travel to the Chinese capital to seek answers from China’s Taiwan Affairs Office and the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits (ARATS) on the detention of her husband.
The former Taiwan Democratic Progressive Party member disappeared after crossing the Macau border in to Zhuhai on March 19. Chinese authorities later confirmed the detention and accused the activist of being involved in ‘activities harmful to national security’.
Prior to the trip, the Taiwan Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) stated that Lee Ching-yu ‘might find difficulties’ getting permission from Mainland Chinese authorities to enter the country, news agency Focus Taiwan reported.
In a press conference on Sunday, Ms. Lee stated that a “broker” was currently serving as a link with the Chinese authorities in negotiating for her husband’s release. This “broker” had advised Lee to cancel the trip or else a ‘TV [station] in Guangdong Province will immediately broadcast a film of Lee Ming-che confessing to his crime’, reported Focus Taiwan.