Airport to adjust car parking fee


A new parking fee arrangement for Macau International Airport (MIA) will be implemented on the first day of September, with the new adjustment to be MOP6 per hour for light vehicles and MOP2 per hour for motorcycles.
Airport operator Macau International Airport Co. Ltd. (CAM) also announced in the notice that the daily rate service will be abolished, meaning that daily parking will cost MOP144 for light vehicles instead of the current MOP50.
According to CAM, the number of parking lots in MIA will be affected, in order ‘to cope with the future development and infrastructure extension programme’.
The last adjustment of parking fee was in 2008; the irport operator hoped that the adjustment would be in line with current charges in the city centre.
The president of the Macau Civil Aviation Authority (AACM) revealed last Tuesday that the MSAR Government had asked the central government for permission to reclaim land for the expansion of the city’s airport.
According to the Macau International Airport Master Plan released by AACM in January, the expansion is necessary as some of the facilities are already at capacity, including general aviation facilities, passenger terminal and road transport facilities, while some others ‘will become saturated very soon and therefore no longer meet the demand and affect service quality.’