ANZAC Day Remembrance Service held


On Tuesday April 25, around the world, Australians and New Zealanders came together to remember the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli in WW1 in 1915.  The dreadful loss of life suffered has brought an enduring friendship between the two countries and the term “ANZAC” has come to play a significant role in the cultures of both Australia and New Zealand. 
The word inspires thoughts of mateship, respect, remembrance and appreciation of the sacrifice of service people who have fought in all wars.
Macau was no different with between 40 and 50 guests primarily from Australia and New Zealand attending an ANZAC Remembrance Service hosted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce. The event also included official representatives of the Australian Government by way of Mr. Will Ewing and the New Zealand Government by way of Mr. Svar Barrington.  The service included a formal ANZAC Day Address by Samantha Birkwood and an address on the spirit of ANZAC by Mr. Will Ewing.
The Australian Chamber of Commerce, Macau based members Chair, Patrick Liu, said he was delighted at the strong turnout for the event which was held at MGM.  Mr. Liu said that it was important to remember that WW1 was remembered as the “war to end wars” yet this has not proved to be the case over the ensuing 100 years, particularly with recent conflicts in the Middle East and current tensions on the Korean Peninsula.  Mr. Liu said that this meant that the Service today was “as relevant as ever.”
The Service was followed by a breakfast, which is another one of the great ANZAC traditions.
There was also a dawn ANZAC Service held in Taipa for Australians and New Zealanders with some attending both events.