Architects and urban planning professionals urged to finish registration


The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) has revealed that 1,286 people have successfully registered as professionals in the fields of architecture and urban planning in Macau. According to yesterday’s press release, since the implementation of the qualification system related to architecture and urban planning in July 2015 over 2,600 related professionals are registering.
As at April, the council of professions in architecture, construction and urban planning had handled 2,606 applications, with 2,282 applications accepted and 193 rejected, while more applications are currently undergoing scrutiny.
Currently, there are 938 approved civil engineers, 385 architects, 282 electrical & mechanical engineers, 254 electrical engineers and 234 mechanical engineers.
The MSAR Government is informing individuals who are engaged in architecture and urban planning and who comply with regulations to register as professionals.
DSSOPT also reminded interested parties that the transition period will end on the last day of June, and that individuals who apply for registration would have to sit examinations and an internship if they applied after the transition period.