Art meets junket


Local art space Art Garden will be financially assisted by Tak Chun Group, a junket operator based in Macau, Business Daily learned yesterday.
Tak Chun will provide the art space with financial support of more than MOP1 million per year, according to information provided to us by a source from Art Garden, who claimed the exact amount could not be disclosed at this stage.
The agreement signed by the art space located at Avenue Rodrigo Rodrigues and the junket group is effective today, September 1.
Our source claimed the deal entitles the space to five years’ support for local art development.
“Besides being the title sponsor, they will also support our promotion,” the source said, adding that the junket will further organise one exhibition every year.
Accordingly, the space is now to be referenced as the ‘Tak Chun Art Garden.’
The agreement is to be fulfilled in two parts. After a two-year period, it will be renewed for another three years “according to the results” the Art Garden source explained.
Another reason why the agreement was set up this way is linked to the fact that Tak Chun is “new to the cultural field.”
“It is good for both sides to find the best promotion method in the two years,” said the source.

Partners in art
Art Garden is a space dedicated to local artists’ creation and exhibition.
Several associations are integrated into the project, including Art for All Society, Macao Artists Society, Macao Sky and Earth Ceramic Association, and Macao Sculpture Association.
The space was relocated to the facilities it currently occupies, a five-storey building erected 50 years ago, since August.
The building – affected by last Wednesday’s Typhoon Hato – has suffered filtration problems that have “still to be dealt with,” according to our source.
Founded in 2009, Tak Chun Group, chaired by Levo Chan, owns and operates VIP gaming rooms in local casinos in Studio City, Altira, Wynn Palace and The Parisian Macao.
The group also operates concierge services, jet travel, and ticket services for the performing arts.

Beginning of enlightenment
Art for All Association is celebrating its tenth anniversary with the launch of an exhibition today to be held at the Tak Chun Art Garden titled ‘The Beginner’s Mind – Works by AFA Founders.’
In the exhibition, participating founding artists revisit the original intention of the Association, the growth of which they have nurtured for the last ten years.
A series of works ranging from paintings and videos to mixed media will be exhibited.
The founders of AFA are Bianca Lei, James Chu, Konstantin Bessmertny, Noah Ng Fong Chao and Tong Chong.