August CEPA picking up


The total value of goods exported to mainland China under the CEPA (Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement) amounted to MOP7.68 million (US$952,604) in the month of August, up 8.6 per cent month-on-month when compared to MOP7.07 million in July.
The latest information released by the Macao Economic Service (DSE) revealed that the total amount of exported goods to mainland China for the past eight months reached MOP57.29 million.
Since the implementation of the zero-tariff trade policy between the SAR and the Mainland in 2004, the accumulated exports of CEPA goods has reached MOP823.77 million.
As at the end of last month, some 625 local firms were holding Macau Service Supplier certificates, one more than the 624 recorded in July of this year.
Local firms who obtain the certificate are allowed to operate on the Mainland and enjoy zero tariff treatment.
According to the official data, 309 local certificate holders were engaged in transport services such as freight forwarding, logistics, storage and warehousing and transport, making up 49 per cent of the total number of certificate holders.
Following these firms were those engaged in medical and dental services, accounting for 147 certificate holders or 24 per cent of the total number.
There were also 41 firms engaged in convention and exhibition services, and 33 in real estate services.