Breakdown compensation


Companhia de Telecomunicações de Macau SARL (CTM) announced it would pay compensation to clients affected by a four-hour Internet access breakdown on April 18, a company release stated.
According to the company, although ‘this was an unpredictable incident caused by a software bug’, CTM decided to offer ‘a once-off 15 per cent discount on Internet monthly service charge for potential affected Internet customers’.
‘The relevant customers will be automatically entitled to a once-off discount of 15 per cent on Internet monthly service charge of April, the discounted amount will be shown in the customers’ June service bill,’ the release informed.
On April 18, a software malfunction left 30,000 users in the city without Internet access for almost four hours, after an ‘an unusual surge of traffic’ led to the overload of two of the company’s Internet access servers, the company said last week.
At the time, the company reported that of the six servers used to serve 170,000 online users, two servers responsible for 55,000 users were affected, with CTM conducting an upgrade project on the two servers on 20 and 21 April, respectively.
CTM had to submit a report on the incident to the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau, with the department saying it may conduct administrative procedures against the operator if the latter is considered to be responsible for the incident.