Broken underwater cable could cause slow Internet until Friday


Local telecommunications operator CTM announced that damage to a submarine cable segment could lead to ‘slow speed when accessing some overseas websites’ during the period the cable is repaired.
According to a company press release, a fault in the cable was detected on March 27, with the administrator of the cable informing the telecom company yesterday that ‘it is necessary to have the submarine cable system detached for immediate repair’.
This caused the repair work to be moved up from the original April 14 start date to yesterday. The group notes it has ‘deployed a series of contingency measures’ to monitor networks, as well as the ‘timely allocation of bandwidth resources’ – re-routing data transmissions to alternative telecom networks ‘so as to keep the impact on customers at its minimal’.
The company added it would ‘keep the public updated in a timely manner’ on the restoration progress.