Unfair Fare Plan?


The three representatives of the three bus operators stressed on TDM radio programme Macao Forum that the differences in bus fares would all have been subject to the MSAR Government’s wishes when bus fares are increased.
Li Qijian, the Deputy GM of Transmac, said the majority of residents would enjoy the proposed bus fares arrangement given that 93 per cent of passengers use e-payment when riding buses in the city.
According to Li, the difference of fares after the adjustment would be around 40 per cent.
Last Friday, the Transportation Bureau submitted the increase of bus fares proposal to the Traffic Consultant Council, with fares increasing from MOP2 to MOP3 for Macau Pass holders who take the normal bus routes while the express route would have a fare increase to MOP4. However, for cash fares, the amount would be increased by MOP6.
According to Li, the proposed arrangement of prices would reduce the number of short-journey passengers.
Meanwhile, given that the increased fares would be the same for routes crossing regions, bus operators anticipate a change in the distribution of passengers. Nonetheless, the price arrangement could pose a positive impact for bus drivers as they can concentrate on driving without being concerned about changing fares between regions.