By hook or by crook


Recent declarations by gaming operators in Macau seem to let us conclude that they will do whatever it takes to establish a bridgehead in the potentially burgeoning casino gaming market of Japan.
I have nothing against new ventures, especially in what concerns Japan, one of my favourite destinations in Asia. Nonetheless, it seems, to say the least, curious that these operators are available to be there by hook or by crook.
It is, in my view, a great opportunity for the Macau Government to evaluate the gaming industry in a way that any five-year renewal of new concessions after 2020-2022 should take these declarations into consideration.
Or, otherwise, are these operators only available to pay whatever it takes for a foreign investment in Japan (or wherever) with the money generated in Macau not available to spend on the land that gave them huge amounts of profit and permitted them to make such an investment?
As a matter of fact, as in life, the lovers and second wives always get more than the first ones.
It seems to be the case, with Macau the first wife and Japan the new lover and potential second wife.
I understand the huge potential of the Japan market. I also understand that there everything will be better planned and better projected than in Macau. However, declarations such as those of, at least, three operators’ heads should be considered by the Macau Government as a window to impose more obligations upon those entities, irrespective of the game plan (if any) they have for Macau post 2020-2022.
That is also, in my view, what is lacking here. The Macau Government should once and for all inform the operators what the political intentions are for the end of the concessions and linked sub-concessions, the expiry of which are fast approaching.
That will enable the operators and the general public to make their own plans and understand whether it is worth continuing to invest in the jewel of their crowns (the substantive here is candid and not to be read literally or to be related to one of the operators) and make the life of the Macau people better than it is today.
Unfortunately, however, plans are not something that this city is used to, so let the unplanned show unfold – by hook or by crook!