Case (almost) closed


The final testimonies in the graft trial of former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng are set for May 11 and 12, despite the protests of the former official’s defence lawyer, according to local Portuguese-language television broadcaster TDM. The President of the Court of Final Appeal, Sam Hou Fai, argued that given the length of time the former official has been held in custody and the four months of trial already conducted, he considered that the defence had been given sufficient time to prepare its case.
A case relating to the former Secretary of Transport and Public Works Ao Man Long, involving money to be recovered from the United Kingdom, could have involved pressure from a local businessmen (involved in the Ao case) on Ho Chio Meng, alluded the court’s top official Sam Hou Fai in the trial yesterday, reports the broadcaster.
Ho made the request for the authorities in the UK to transfer the case to Macau or, eventually, send back the recovered money, which eventually happened. However, given that the local authorities had no previous experience in such fiscal matters, the case was never transferred until just prior to Ho’s arrest, when he desisted from shifting the case to the MSAR, according to the broadcaster.
The case will be heard again this Thursday, before heading to its final two days of trial.

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