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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Leading by example

Jeff Nankivell, Consul General of Canada

Building a healthier life

Having opened four stores in just five years, the manager of Healthy Life Pharmacy (Macau), Chan Kam Tat explains to Business Daily that diversity is one of the key factors in making a business stand out within a highly competitive industry

Topping up the market

Timothy Feather, general manager of local wine company Claret Wines

Prospective App Market

Dwain Lei, Founder of local food delivery app Food4U

Flying high

Captain Vicente Serafim, CEO of Macau Jet International Co., Ltd.

Staying competitive

Jasmina Leong Founder of JE Handcrafts Co., LTD

Going online

Kevin Li, CEO of Inteplay

MSAR needs skilled personnel

Finance and law consultancy service company Perfeição Lda, founded by the ex-president of the city’s Legislative Assembly, Susana Chou, is eyeing opportunities for Sino-Luso exchanges. Speaking to Business Daily, however, the team explain the difficulties in hiring local talent for their operations, due to local residents’ lack of adventurous spirit amid the prosperous local economic environment, as well as the government’s lack of flexible human resource and immigration policies.

Macau is online

Mio Keng Seng director and founder of MineYeah Company Limited

Transforming Cotai

Davis Fong, Director of the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming

All hail the Cloud

Craig McKenna, Director of Cloud and Cognitive Data Solutions, Asia Pacific, IBM

Fighting against the tide

Manuela António

Bringing the beef back

Governor Pete Ricketts, 40th Governor of the state of Nebraska

Foodie central

Mr. Bernard Delmas, Senior Vice President of the Michelin Group, and Ms. Lisa Perrotti-Brown, Editor-in-Chief of Robert Parker Wine Advocate

The house that makes a home

Amélia Antonio, re-elected President of the Casa de Portugal de Macau (CPM)

Rising need to learn languages

João Varela, Director and Head of Global Language School

“The biggest disadvantage is probably human resources and the local laws that regulate them”

Jorge Valente, president of the Macanese Youth Association (AJM)

The best track in the world

Maro Engel

“Insurance depth and density is still very low in the city”

Jiang Yidao, President of the Macau Insurers' Association and Managing Director of China Taiping Insurance (Macau) Company Ltd.

Traditional candy maker eyes expansion

Kenny Yuen Ngan Chio
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