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Thursday, April 27, 2017

More than just gambling

Macau is the world’s largest gaming dest...
Macau Business has learned that the form...

Stalled expectations

Rather than taking a shuttle bus across ...
With Japan having approved the Integrated Resort Promotion Bill in December 2016, all eyes are now turned to the next steps Japan’s Diet will take towards the implementation of the bill itself – and Macau casino operators are lobbying heavily. Meanwhile, Japanese business in Macau – both gaming and tourism-related – has been increasingly more evident in the city, building upon Macau-Japan co-operation in the casino business sphere. Or so it seems


Local property investor William Kuan plans to refurbish the Capitol Theatre cinema as a first step in pushing forward the delayed MOP25 million (US$3.13-million) revamp of the entire property
With the gaming renewal process in Macau looming some demand a reduction in the gaming taxes while others suggest otherwise. The government has yet to make a decision

Telling it like it is

The recent altercation triggered by the comments of Beijing’s representative in Macau underscores the polarised opinions on the degree of importation of foreign labour in the city as it struggles to diversify its economy
Lack of specialists, waiting lists, mistrust of Mainland doctors. Let’s book an appointment for a Hong Kong doctor!
Either way, it is a major headache in Malaysia and Chinese officials are also seriously worried about the so-called ‘Macau scam’
Alexis Tam pledged that “in five years [healthcare] will be a brilliant area” And announced he will resign “if I do not do well”. Alexis Tam’s very difficult life…
What is the most embarrassing thing since the establishment of the MSAR? There remains only one public hospital, the same that existed when the population was half the current size and not a third of present revenues. The new hospital will remain a major embarrassment in the coming years . . .
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