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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
With Japan having approved the Integrated Resort Promotion Bill in December 2016, all eyes are now turned to the next steps Japan’s Diet will take towards the implementation of the bill itself – and Macau casino operators are lobbying heavily. Meanwhile, Japanese business in Macau – both gaming and tourism-related – has been increasingly more evident in the city, building upon Macau-Japan co-operation in the casino business sphere. Or so it seems
It will take a miracle for a minimum wage for all workers to become effective before 2019, as promised by the government

All at sea

The MSAR Government brings in the wrecking ball before realising that the shipyards in ancient Coloane cannot just be written off as junk. A rethink considers the possibility of applying for World Heritage site listing along with other options
San Ma Lou is a “microcosm” of the city and deserves a second chance, José Chui Sai Peng told Macau Business in an exclusive interview. The appointed lawmaker and Macau delegate to the National People’s Congress (NPC) believes that preserving the whole street would be better than preserving just one building. But the question of property ownership and the lack of urban vision on the part of the Macau SAR Government remain a big problem. The 57-year old urban planner - an early advocate of making the city more “walkable” - discusses alternatives for San Ma Lou, with public consultation limited

Walk the line

Would it be possible to convert Avenida Almeida Ribeiro into a pedestrian area? Several departments of the Macau SAR Government are sceptical, if not completely silent upon the matter. People who work in San Ma Lou and those with expertise in urban planning say anything could be done. But with no decision taken, the street is literally falling apart

Recovering time

Goss gaming revenue last month came in up 8 per cent year-on-year, according to the data posted by the MSAR’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ). Despite the figure being the sec- ond highest gross gaming revenue recorded during...
Either way, it is a major headache in Malaysia and Chinese officials are also seriously worried about the so-called ‘Macau scam’

Left Behind

Although there has recently been consensus on lowering the approval percentage of owners required for redevelopment, many issues remain to be addressed in order to propel the redevelopment of old neighbourhoods – issues that have been on the government agenda for more than a decade
Report after report by the city’s two watchdogs highlight problems in the city’s executive branch but have government departments heeded their calls? Many believe the Chief Executive could - and should - do more
The investments of veteran property mogul Isabel Chiang in two old neighbourhood districts are starting to take shape with the improving economy, adding cultural and creative flair to the Peninsula
What is the most embarrassing thing since the establishment of the MSAR? There remains only one public hospital, the same that existed when the population was half the current size and not a third of present revenues. The new hospital will remain a major embarrassment in the coming years . . .
The Urban Planning Committee has yet to achieve one of its major goals of the past three years with the lack of a master urban plan, which some describe as a learning curve, claiming the next three years are key

More than just gambling

Macau is the world’s largest gaming destination as measured by gross revenue, boasting more than 30 casinos and home to some of the most iconic gaming resorts in the world. While all that helps to attract tourists to the territory,...

Works in progress

Riding on the coattails of the past decade’s gaming boom, Lai Si Construction & Engineering Co. Ltd. has recently listed in Hong Kong and is now seeking to expand its footprint
Employee incivility can lead to several forms of customer retaliation with negative effects for the hospitality businesses, says study
John Ho opened his first McDonald’s store on 11th April, 1987. Today, the company has 78 restaurants in Macau, Zhuhai and Zongshan under its belt
Alexis Tam pledged that “in five years [healthcare] will be a brilliant area” And announced he will resign “if I do not do well”. Alexis Tam’s very difficult life…

SUV taxis on call

With an investment of over MOP60 million (US$7.5 million) a new taxi company aims to provide better service for the public and urges the government to provide more support; namely, more taxis and parking spaces

In the lap of the gods

Protests, sit-ins, discussions with legislators - Homebuyers of high- end residential project Pearl Hori- zon have exhausted every means in the past year to uphold their rights after the government reclaimed the land plot in Areia Preta - where...
Following North Korea’s third nuclear test in February 2013, U.S. authorities decided to invoke a financial embargo. The small Macanese Banco Delta Asia was the sole target in this new kind of Washington-Pyongyang war
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