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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Grand Designs

The public works department is seeking opinions from the Cultural Affairs Bureau. Which says it is analysing the proposal.
Budget hotels in the city are facing tough times. And sweet words from the gov’t are not enough. But an overview of the domestic hospitality sector suggests there is room for such accommodation.
After months of the establishment of a new Customs transit mechanism, a batch of products from Thailand was successfully transferred to the Mainland via the city
A CTM representatives told Business Daily that the company would try to “clarify” the Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau compensation demands for alleged incomplete services during the installation of the city’s free access wireless broadband service WiFi Go
The demand for ‘local Macau residents’ is at an all-time high and bureaucratic process for hiring non-locals could be ‘streamlined’, says a local recruitment agency
Galaxy Macau workers have joined hands with the Macau Civil Servant’s Association. Demanding better working conditions. Plus salary adjustments pegged to the cost of living. Chinese New Year bonuses and compensation leave for holidays on workers’ days off are on the agenda, too.
While American firm Lone Star’s 750 million euro acquisition proposal for banking group Novo Banco was considered by Portugal’s central bank as frontrunner in the bid, the local Ma family has also proposed purchasing a stake in the banking group’s local arm


Despite increases in the city’s hotel room supply, hotel occupancy in November hit 91.6 pct – a 6 pct y-o-y increase and a 3 pct m-o-m increase, which bodes well for the upcoming holiday season, as average prices also rose nearly 10 pct y-o-y during the month. Despite not being a local holiday, expectations are for an 80 pct occupancy rate during Christmas, according to industry experts, with a limited number of discounts predicted.

Tariff-free exports

The city’s exports to Mainland China will be tariff-free next year, with neighbouring Hong Kong also enjoying the same beneficial treatment. The Chinese Ministry of Finance announced in a press release that the central government is adjusting the country’s...
But the company said it has been in touch with the government, and is hoping to initiate communication soon

SMEs Seek Synergy

Several SME support schemes link businesses to operators. But product and service standards have some catching up to do, say the integrated resorts. One thousand-plus co-operation activities will be reliant upon training, seminars and services. Such as the recently launched ‘ChoicePro’ app. linking small businesses to large-scale demand.
Finance and law consultancy service company Perfeição Lda, founded by the ex-president of the city’s Legislative Assembly, Susana Chou, is eyeing opportunities for Sino-Luso exchanges. Speaking to Business Daily, however, the team explain the difficulties in hiring local talent for their operations, due to local residents’ lack of adventurous spirit amid the prosperous local economic environment, as well as the government’s lack of flexible human resource and immigration policies.
Meanwhile, the company said it does not want the list of public concession assets it holds under its contract with the government to be released for strategic and commercial reasons
The Director of Macao Economic Services (DSE), Tai Kin Ip, said total sales transactions have jumped by 40 per cent on average for this year’s ‘1212 Blue Street’ event compared to ordinary days, local Chinese-language newspaper Macao Daily reported....
It’s been talked up for years. The closer ties between China and Portuguese-speaking countries. But trade is not keeping pace. Data shows that commercial exchanges between both parties haven’t performed anywhere as near well as expected.
Fixed line services continue to decline while mobile creeps upwards
The operator of Club Cubic, Luk Hing Entertainment Group Holdings Ltd., will be listed on November 11 this year, according to a filing posted on the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The operator is selling...
Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau Luen Hung has distributed his interests in Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd. to his children due to his ‘very unstable health condition,’ according to a company filing with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange yesterday. In...
Even with its windowless, rusting facade it remains an icon of headier times in the city. Located at the end of San Ma Lo, and first opening its doors in 1941, new life is to be breathed into the Grand Hotel. When - gov’t licences willing, and two years later – it should blossom into a boutique hotel.
A policy to encourage vehicle replacement. But it sparked local consumption. Statistics and Census Services figures reveal retail sales during 2017 Q1 were up 4.3 pct vis-a-vis the previous quarter.
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