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Sunday, September 24, 2017
Local gaming operator Melco Crown Entertainment Limited has announced a new arrangement of its management team as well as the appointment of key executive members, in a press release. A total of four appointments were made regarding the group’s...
India is amending its gaming rules to follow the MSAR’s gaming regulations
UNESCO World Heritage site status is essential for the region in growing its competitive Asian market, Anna Leask, Professor of Tourism Management at Edinburgh Napier University, told Business Daily
The company said its two partners running slot clubs in two Vietnamese five-star hotels have both encountered ‘difficulties’ in obtaining operating permits
Legend Palace Hotel, the latest project by Macau Legend Development Ltd.’s Co-chairman, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer David Chow, will start trial operations in mid-January, taking advantage of the Chinese New Year period, according to statements by the...
Casino operator Imperial Pacific International Holdings Ltd. said its integrated resort Imperial Pacific Resort on the Island of Saipan will ‘commence soft opening in the first quarter of 2017’, according to a company filing with the Hong Kong Stock...
During January and November, gaming tax accounted for some 78 per cent of the government’s total revenue
The money reportedly involves illegal loan sharking in Macau


繼連續八個季度錄得負 增長記錄後,包括 CNN和彭博在內等多 個國際媒體,稱這是過去兩年中世 界上表現最差的經濟體之一。澳門 經濟終於在去年第三季度重現生 機,博彩行業呈現增長勢頭。 然而,在經濟受監管風險及 中美關係等諸多宏觀經濟因素影響 下,現在談論經濟風向仍言之尚 早,但許多分析家和企業家均希望 經濟能夠在2017年恢復增長。得益於服務出口業(即是博彩業) 出現自2014年7月後的反彈,澳門的本地 生產總值於2016年第三季度錄得了4%增 幅。繼因經濟放緩及內地持續不斷的反 腐敗運動帶來兩年多來的下跌後,博彩 業作為本地支柱經濟活動,自八月份起 連續四個月錄得增長。 澳門經濟學會理事長柳智毅表 示:“這肯定是好轉的跡象,但澳門的 經濟容易受到許多外部因素的影響⋯⋯ 所以我們應該謹慎樂觀。” 其中一個不確定因素或是美國加 息。美聯儲12月上調了0.25%的關鍵利 率,這是自2015年12月以來的首次加 息,也是自2006年以來的第二次上調。 美國官員暗示,今年或將迎來第三次加 息,甚至更多。 柳智毅說:“難以預料加息對澳 第三季度,就業人口的月度收入中位數 維持在歷史高位,錄得15,000澳門元( 折合約1,875美元)。 英國智囊機構經濟學人集團 (EIU)預測,澳門經濟將於2017年和 2018年恢復,增長幅度分別為5.2%和5.3 %,預料2016年的城市生產總值將下降 3.5%,是繼2014年後的第三年負增長。 特區政府數據顯示,儘管第三季度出現 反彈,本地經濟在2016年前九個月收縮 5.4%。 國際貨幣基金組織(IMF)工作團隊 繼11月訪問澳門之後,最近發布了一份 報告,聲稱澳門的中期前景“仍然強 勁”,並補充說,這個城市擁有世上最 大和增長最快的中產階層,將在未來錄 得“穩定持續增長,增幅為中低等水平...
Galaxy Macau workers have joined hands with the Macau Civil Servant’s Association. Demanding better working conditions. Plus salary adjustments pegged to the cost of living. Chinese New Year bonuses and compensation leave for holidays on workers’ days off are on the agenda, too.
Casino operator Galaxy Entertainment Group announced last week the awarding of a discretionary bonus to its eligible workers at senior manager level and below on Wednesday. According to the company’s announcement, the majority of the workers will receive a...
The property is currently the headquarters of multinational energy group ExxonMobil
A very substantial disposal to back the completion of its super luxury hotel is the latest attempt from The 13 Holdings to get its Macau property open before the end of the year, after several delays already announced
China’s first aircraft carrier was at one point intended to become a floating casino in the MSAR
Junket association expects the system to commence operations next month
Deputy chairman of casino operator Galaxy Entertainment Group Ltd, Francis Lui Yiu Tung, is confident that the company can seize a chance to establish a foothold in the Japanese gaming market. In an interview with Hong Kong Economic Times, published...
February gaming revenue up 3-9 pct y-o-y: analysts
Hong Kong-listed Imperial Pacific International Holdings Limited announced the re-designation on Friday of retired federal Judge Eugene Raymond Sullivan from Independent Non-executive Director to Non-executive Director, with effect from the day of announcement. Judge Sullivan has also been appointed...
Analysts at J.P. Morgan estimate VIP revenue grew 15 pct y-o-y in the month

Taste of freedom

Nearly half of the Chinese nationals in the Jack Lam Fontana operation have been freed on bail
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