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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Seeking innovators

FDCT rolls out new support programme to encourage local enterprises to innovate
The neighbouring city is pledging to attract some RMB10 billion within the next two years to develop an industrial park focused on everything hi-tech
The prime focus of the LRT construction will be the Barra and Seac Pai Wan routes
The director of the central government’s Liaison Office in Macau, Wang Zhiming is set to succeed Zhang Xiaoming, the Liaison Office director in Hong Kong, according to news advanced by Hong Kong outlet Sing Tao Daily, reported and broadcast...
A newly launched electronic reading room is now accessible free of charge for entrepreneurs seeking international information, according to the Hengqin New Area Administration Committee. Information relating to local and overseas journals, newspapers, laws and regulations, patents and standards can...

Signed and sealed

The new Service Complex for Economic Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking countries will be built by Companhia de Construção e Engenharia Omas, Limitada for MOP692.8 million
A fire at the construction site for Sociedade de Jogos de Macau’s (SJM) new Grand Lisboa Palace in Cotai, which broke out late Saturday night, is being investigated by the local authorities, with Judiciary Police suspicious that it could...
Despite the intensive inspections undertaken by authorities, the human price paid by construction works is overwhelming. The latest data shows that the stress on security resulted in 31 construction sites being ‘partially or totally’ suspended and fines imposed in 101 situations. Yesterday, PJ announced the arrest of three people related to a deadly accident that occurred in June.

Hacking suspicions

In his last press conference in the city, political activist Jason Chao claimed that the online services accounts of several members of the New Macau Association had been the target of government-backed hacking attempts, while also criticising the undefined lines between political and social associations in the city
Related taskforce revealed that charter of the company will be submitted at next meeting
The beginning of next week will see the opening of a new VIP room operated by local junket operator David Group at Galaxy and the re-opening of the Broadway Hotel and Casino
The 22nd Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) will partner with Angola and Guangdong, to enhance the city’s role as a Business and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between Mainland China and Portuguese speaking countries and also to assist...
Around 200 public servants attended the sharing meeting to discuss the newly implemented civil servant complaint mechanism on Wednesday. The new complaint mechanism started implementation on Monday. According to the new mechanism, the highest officials of all departments are required to...

Hato long arm

This Saturday it will be a month after the most terrible typhoon of the century left its trail of destruction in the city. Now we start to see economical impact in many sectors. Hotel occupancy, for instance, was deeply affected, as the latest official figures show.
Survey revealed that residents and civil servants are mostly not satisfied over government’s responding level, prevention of corruption and level of transparency

Cleaning up vehicles

The Transport Bureau received more than 6,000 requests for cancelling licence plates with 90 per cent being vehicles damaged by Typhoon Hato
Director of Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA), Tam Vai Man, takes also the position as the temporary head of Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) for a year period. According to a dispatch posted on the official gazette, Tam started his SMG...
A new round of 10 land plots are seeking public consultation over land usage, as announced by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) on its official Urban Planning Information website. The new round of consultation will last from...
The city’s gaming watchdog said that no applications for gaming tables had been received recently, including for MGM’s new property located on the Cotai Strip and set to open in the fourth quarter of this year. “We also haven’t received...
Meetings were held to discuss water supply in the approaching dry season as well as the management of the MSAR’s territorial waters
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