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Monday, February 27, 2017
The city’s electricity supplier indicated that it has gradually commenced clearance of the Morais power station, announcing it will transfer the plot to the gov’t in the second half of next year
The former personal driver of the ex-Prosecutor-general said he had seen pieces that seemed to be agar wood taken by Ho Chio Meng from his Cheoc Van residence to the Hotline Building
A witness testified yesterday that the alleged associates of former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng were involved in operations that overcharged the department for multiple services

Feast or famine

Half of surveyed retailers said they had recorded sales decreases in December, while nearly the same number said they had experienced the opposite

Diamonds are forever

The organiser of The Billionaire Exhibition, described as the “first complete luxury exhibition” to take place in the MSAR, talks to Business Daily about how the high-end market can help bring revenue to the city

Friends forever?

Mak Im Tai, one of the defendants in the corruption case against the former top official Ho Chio Meng, revealed that Ho had not been involved in his previous junket business
The Macau Taxi Driver Mutual Association has submitted a taxi fare increase proposal to the Transport Bureau (DSAT), suggesting a raise in the current flag-fall rate from MOP17 (US$2.1) to MOP20. The proposal, submitted yesterday, also suggests altering the additional...

All in the family

Witness confirms relatives of former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng and other defendants in the case ran several companies from the 16th floor of the Public Prosecutions Office build-ing, with contracts being provided to the department for inflated prices
The Commission on Medical Error expertise will comprise seven professionals
A HK$250 million residential property in World Heritage-protected Lilau Square is very likely the most expensive one on sale in town. Vigers, from Hong Kong, which appraised the mansion, says there is no comparison to date in the Macau market
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