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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Wake up call

The most heavy floods Macau registered in decades, trees torn apart all over town and the islands, cars seriously damaged, people trapped hours in the city’s skyscrapers, entirely roads blocked, hundreds of distress calls, garages with more water than...
The Greater Bay Area Plan - now inked and published - will operate under the guidance of the markets and promotion by the government, strengthening mechanisms for co-operation and technological innovation
U.S. Consul General noted his impression of a “palpable and persistent note of anxiety”
After more than seven hours of debate, the rental bill has been partially passed
Widespread criticism of the local weather bureau has taken its toll. Leading to the resignation of its much maligned head. Politicians and the community at large have expressed deep unease with the management of the signals that took the city to the edge.

Keeping us safe

The city’s security forces are struggling to compete with the private sector in hiring new staff. Challenges are to come in the next three years as the completion of infrastructure projects demands increased security personnel for borders. Other issues covered by the Secretary for Security’s address included privacy concerns regarding the new CCTV installation, threats of terrorism and the fact that cars with local license plates will be able to enter Hengqin from December 20.
Stephen Hung, joint chairman of hotel developer The 13, said yesterday that the delay in the opening of the group’s luxury hotel project The 13 in Coloane is due to the incompletion of the property’s decoration works, local broadcaster...
The passport of the Macau Special Administrative Region is ranked as the 31st most powerful when compared to other passports worldwide, shows the latest Passport Index of global financial advisory firm Arton Capital. Currently, MSAR passport holders can enter...

A Fog Of ‘Facts’

Workers still prefer a full-smoking ban. Plus smoking-free environment in casinos. So say local labour unions. Despite recent survey results claiming over half of respondents support smoking lounges. A union legislator urges the gov’t to put the health of workers front and centre, not numbers.
A restaurant located in the old neighbourhood of Taipa demonstrates how food and culture come together in one place
A gate for managing tides in the Inner Harbour. With work slated to start as soon as 2019. The low-lying district has long been on the authorities’ radar. With the chaos and fatalities caused by Typhoon Hato lending added impetus.
Up to MOP500,000 in financial support for each candidate. Providing solutions and applications for developing the MSAR into a Smart City. Macau Science and Technology Fund is seeking projects involving transport, tourism, medical treatment and gov’t. Proposals are expected to harness the Cloud, mobile apps, e-commerce, mobile payments and the Internet of Things.
With increasing flights in the Greater Bay Area business aviation representatives and aviation experts believe the MSAR has enough infrastructure and positioning to gain a larger role in the region, especially in the business aviation sector. However, the late implantation of a plan to expand flight capacity by the local government risks Zhuhai overtaking the city in the sector
The new passed bill suggests housing subsidy for civil workers will be increased to MOP3,320 next year

Protecting minors

Legislators agree on the introduction of two new crimes in the Penal Code: the solicitation of underage prostitution, and the production and use of child pornography
Construction near heritage sites, urban planning, transportation planning and creating jobs in this field, will all be necessary to preserve the city’s heritage classification. Otherwise, the city risks putting itself ‘in danger’ or being de-listed from UNESCO’s list, heritage expert Sharif Shams Imon tells Business Daily. Not only informing and encouraging public participation, but also counting on experts will be necessary measures to implement.

Diamonds are forever

The organiser of The Billionaire Exhibition, described as the “first complete luxury exhibition” to take place in the MSAR, talks to Business Daily about how the high-end market can help bring revenue to the city
Local developer Sun Kian Ip Group will engage in the construction of the world’s fifth tallest twin towers in the capital city of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, online publication Shanghaiist reported yesterday. According to the outlet, two Chinese companies were the...
Gaming corporations Galaxy Entertainment Group and SJM Holdings Ltd. both released their 2016 annual results yesterday. Galaxy’s net profit increased by half y-o-y. With mass gaming revenue climbing 19 pct. SJM gaming revenues, however, fall in all segments. Recording a 5.6 pct y-o-y drop in profit.

Golden sidewalk

Government to spend MOP24.4 million on sidewalk renovation in Taipa
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