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Friday, March 24, 2017

A cultured Prosecutor

The ex-official was acting as a middleman between a Chinese cultural society and the MSAR Government to hold cultural events in the city
Returning from the annual meetings of the NPC and CPPCC in Beijing, the city’s top officials advocate that Macau should take the initiative to get involved in national development by fully implementing the policies supported by the central government
Just 14 days. And over 30,000 documents to review. Oriana Pun is former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng’s new defence lawyer. And is confident the case can be wrapped up before the expiration of the official maximum preventive prison period. “Anything can happen,” says Pun, pledging she will “prepare the best defence possible.”
The election agenda for the 2017 Legislative Assembly (AL) election was released by the Electoral Commission yesterday on AL’s official website. In addition, the application form for organising the nomination committee was released yesterday by the Electoral Commission, with the...

All different

The Legislative Assembly chairman believes a future plan for a social and economic co-operation area embracing Guangdong, MSAR and Hong Kong would have to take into account the region’s distinct legislations
East Timor Tax Office Director unaware of any connection between MSAR couple currently on trial for embezzlement and the defendant in another case
The date for the Legislative Assembly elections has been announced: September 17. Authorities will cap candidate spending at MOP3.55 mln, reducing it by more than a third
The former head of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, Ung Vai Meng knew of the illicit hiring practices in place at the bureau, according to the current president of ICM, Leung Hio Ming. According to broadcaster TDM, Mr. Leung noted that...
Lawyer Oriana Pun will step in as the new defence lawyer for former top official Ho Chio Meng, according to broadcaster TDM. The lawyer will request additional time beyond the mandated 30 days to prepare the defence, she told...
Juridical experts believe it will be difficult for the former Prosecutor-general to find another legal representative in the five-day period granted by the court
Although the visit of China’s President has not yet been officially confirmed, police in Macau, Hong Kong and Guangdong are gearing up
Leong Weng Pun resigned yesterday after arguing with the judges
The Electoral Commission for the Legislative Assembly election said yesterday that the local press is responsible for erasing or shutting down illegal comments or discussions on their social platforms during the course of the election. Meeting local media outlet representatives...

Guessing game

Some accusations of links between the former Prosecutor-general and the remaining corruption trial defendants are based on “assumptions and guesses” according to the testimony of the CCAC investigator
Witness assumed defendant Wong Kuok Wai was a representative of the Prosecutor’s Office
Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On has appointed Tai Kin Ip, Director of the Macao Economic Services, and Leung Hio Ming, President of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, as new members of the committee for the development of the Commercial...
Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On is heading for Beijing on Friday to attend the opening ceremony of the 5th Session of the 12th National People’s Congress on March 5. Staying in the capital for four days until March...

Common practice

Service contract practices described by the prosecution are common in gov’t departments in Macau, say hired contractors of front companies run by the defendants in the corruption case against former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng

Special permission

Registration exemptions, cleaning contract reshuffles and unknown staff to whom payments were supposedly made dominated Friday’s corruption trial session
The former personal driver of the ex-Prosecutor-general said he had seen pieces that seemed to be agar wood taken by Ho Chio Meng from his Cheoc Van residence to the Hotline Building
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