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Thursday, April 27, 2017
The project and website set up by activi...
The Electoral Commission is also planning to promote the election via YouTube videos and Google
Another legislator from Hong Kong was refused entry to Macau as local police consider him “a threat” to the city’s security
The wife of detained Taiwanese activist ...
MSAR to be proposed as new capital of Portuguese-speaking cities
19 legislators joined a petition, urging authorities to settle the disputed matter based on current laws
The Commission Against Corruption received 910 reports and complaints last year. This per its 2016 annual report. With the majority related to public departments regarding contracts and procurement. Macau’s watchdog also pointed to conspiracy and collusion within the government.
Expenses reports of candidates running f...
The activists say China’s detention of Lee Ming Cheh is harming cross-strait relations
Prosecutors in the bribery case against ...

Bit by bit

New Macau Association (NMA) filed a complaint to the CCAC claiming to have been the target of suppression of the right of assembly by police authorities
The trial of the bribery case of the city’s former top prosecutor Ho Chio Meng resumed yesterday. The top court heard three witnesses from Polytex Corporation Ltd – developer of local residence Villa De Mer. They confirmed that their boss had offered a 25 per cent discount for a co-defendant of the case, Mak Yim Tai, to buy a home unit of the residential project, as the relationship of the two was “close”.
With more voters registered this year, the Electoral Affairs Commission disclosed that more polling stations will be set up to meet the increased demand
The chairman of the third standing commi...
The ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative is strengthening local representation and global online connectivity
The Chinese province of Guangdong will s...
The request made by lawmaker Leong Veng Chai to debate increased transportation fees in the AL was rejected by majority vote
The ex-official was acting as a middleman between a Chinese cultural society and the MSAR Government to hold cultural events in the city
Returning from the annual meetings of the NPC and CPPCC in Beijing, the city’s top officials advocate that Macau should take the initiative to get involved in national development by fully implementing the policies supported by the central government
Just 14 days. And over 30,000 documents to review. Oriana Pun is former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng’s new defence lawyer. And is confident the case can be wrapped up before the expiration of the official maximum preventive prison period. “Anything can happen,” says Pun, pledging she will “prepare the best defence possible.”
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