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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
The corruption trial of the former prosecutor-general saw its first batch of witnesses take the stand
Chinese central government intervention in Hong Kong’s legislative affairs has led to a downgrade in the city’s civil rights freedom ranking, raising concerns that similar influences could be extended to the MSAR following electoral law changes
The former personal driver of the ex-Prosecutor-general said he had seen pieces that seemed to be agar wood taken by Ho Chio Meng from his Cheoc Van residence to the Hotline Building
Committee currently discussing new law proposal for countering money laundering and terrorist activities demands clarifications by the government on what sanctions and disciplinary action would be imposed upon employees deemed guilty by virtue of negligence
A Chinese businessman arrested in Beijing last year. Playing a key role in various nefarious schemes around the world. Including North Korea, Venezuela, Angola and Zimbabwe. With links leading back to Macau. And the aircraft that tragically took the lives of so many this week in Colombia.
Clear rules for this year’s election will have to wait until after Chinese New Year, but the new electoral commission chairman admits candidate interviews with the media before the campaign could be considered an infraction
Juridical experts believe it will be difficult for the former Prosecutor-general to find another legal representative in the five-day period granted by the court
Just 14 days. And over 30,000 documents to review. Oriana Pun is former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng’s new defence lawyer. And is confident the case can be wrapped up before the expiration of the official maximum preventive prison period. “Anything can happen,” says Pun, pledging she will “prepare the best defence possible.”
The 2017 French presidential elections are shaking up a very divided country. For the first time, French nationals were able to vote in Macau. And for the first time too, big party politics are out of the race. French residents of Macau speak up
Hong Kong-based conglomerate Shun Tak Holdings Ltd announced yesterday a transaction of a residential unit of its new property project Nova Grand in Taipa to Deborah Ho, a daughter of local gaming tycoon Stanley Ho. According to the company’s...
The Court of Final Appeal will hear the corruption case of the city’s ex-prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng on December 5, according to a press release from the top court yesterday. According to the announcement, the former official has been charged...
The Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office Of the State Council has appointed Song Zhe and Huang Liuquan as the new deputy directors, according to an announcement yesterday. Zhou Bo, meanwhile, has been removed from his current position as...
Lawmakers Ng Kuok Cheong and Au Kam San are again leading two different electoral lists and have submitted their nominations

Coincidence time

Nephew of former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng removed from position at Public Prosecutor’s Office

Not in my name

Former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng claimed his subordinates signed and authorised most of the contracts mentioned in the accusations against him

A sealed month

Secretary for Administration and Justice Sonia Chan kept her mouth shut about her alleged nepotism case, stressing she will not comment on the matter under the investigation of the city’s anti-corruption body
Former Prosecutor-general Ho Chio Meng considers accusations of money laundering to be filled with “presumptions and assumptions” and no concrete evidence
One former technician from the Prosecutor’s Office revealed a “high-ranking” official in the department had once recommended a company for a renovation bid
The ex-official was acting as a middleman between a Chinese cultural society and the MSAR Government to hold cultural events in the city
Candidates running for the election are required to inform the Electoral Commission of their participation in third-party events involving the distribution of gifts
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