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Thursday, April 27, 2017
Off-plan sales of new residential projects are being launched one after another. Nova Grand from Shun Tak Group is the latest one, seeing the sale of 400 units completed in three days. Purchasing power is apparently strong and has been building up in the past few years, local property agents say, adding that the city needs much more supply.
Pearl Horizon homeowners have announced they will stop repaying their mortgage loans
Yesterday, junket operator Tak Chun Grou...
Chinese property developer group Logan P...
With the assistance of the Housing Burea...
Housing transactions fell m-o-m in November, with a 62 pct drop in sales in Coloane on the tail of new luxury residential sales the previous month. Housing prices stabilised, with a 1 pct m-o-m increase and a 20 pct y-o-y increase in average home prices. Total home transactions surged 122 pct y-o-y for the month.
Polytex said in its appeal to top court that the seizure of the land plot could potentially bring about the bankruptcy of the company.
Real estate in the MSAR continues its upward trajectory. With total transactions increasing dramatically in January. Despite an astounding 60 per cent rise, however, the sector has started to moderate its performance compared to a hectic end to 2016.

Road Works Ahead

Yesterday’s Legislative Assembly said it: worsening traffic next year. Secretary for Transport and Public Works Raimundo do Rosário confirmed road works will increase in 2017. He also elaborated upon pressing housing issues and the supply of materials.
The Secretary for Transport and Public Works faced down the Legislative Assembly on the city’s main issues yesterday. Nitpicking of his Policy Address continues today. With public housing, LRT and Pearl Horizon centre stage. The Secretary affirmed new housing will be built, while the LRT will continue as planned . . . although potentially not 100 pct operational.
The regional director and Head of Research of JLL in China expects the city’s property market, among other sectors, will be affected most by this recent policy
Total home transactions in the MASR tripled to 1,162 in October y-o-y. Credited to surging sales and purchases in Coloane. Boosted 863 pct y-o-y by the sales of Sky Oasis. Average housing prices for the month, meanwhile, climbed 12.7 pct y-o-y to MOP89,430 per square metre.
The latest AMCM data also reveals that outstanding values for residential mortgage loans remained unchanged whilst commercial real estate loans increased m-o-m
President of the Association of Property...
Last year, housing transaction values reached a total of MOP58.8 billion, accounting for nearly 80 per cent of the total
Shun Tak Holdings Ltd. has clarified whi...
Property developer Agile Group Holdings ...

Whose fault is it?

Another statement by the city’s land awardees as they argue that they are not responsible for the non-development of their awarded plots
The company expects to receive approval from the government for the detailed plan for its Senado Square project during the third quarter of this year

The second letter

A group of land awardees in Seac Pai Van published another statement in one month, urging the MSAR government to resolve the land law disputes
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