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Saturday, September 23, 2017
Macau property retains its allure. More than five times more mortgage loans were approved for non-residents from December 2013 to December 2014.
Still too early to tell. So says Secretary for Economy and Finance on the effect of the reduction of the ratio of mortgage loans. Keeping an eye on the market is the current status quo, with no new measures to be introduced. Also, the six gaming operators will have to prepare a report on security and reinforce security measures in the wake of the Philippines attack, says Secretary Leong.
The Secretary of the DSSOPT assures the public that the investigation into the Iec Long land swaps is under way. Former DSSOPT Director Jaime Carion’s willful involvement is doubted, Shun Tak still stands on shaky ground until the DSSOPT investigation is concluded and Neto Valente says the report could undermine investment in the SAR.
Two claimed homeowners of the residential project Pearl Horizon are requesting interest rate cuts on their bank loans for their units, the construction of which was halted when the government reclaimed the land plot from the developer. Yesterday, around 30...

The second letter

A group of land awardees in Seac Pai Van published another statement in one month, urging the MSAR government to resolve the land law disputes
Compared to June of 2015, housing transactions jumped nearly 32 per cent last month, as prices fell.
But new commercial real estate loans approved by local banks surged by 126 per cent month-on-month
Commercial real estate loans and residential mortgage loans both increased in April this year by 76.7 per cent and 19 per cent y-o-y, respectively, however on a monthly comparison both indicators saw decreases
The mixed residential and commercial property project in the northern Macau district of Areia Preta marks one of the very few approved factory-to-home cases
A land grantee said the benefits of its sister company Transmac would also be affected if the government is to take back its plot in Pac On in Taipa.
The decision to compensate wrongfully excluded applicants from economic housing caused uproar in the Legislative Assembly yesterday as the result of an appeal may only be known once the units have been allocated
Capital Estate Ltd., a Hong Kong-listed company chaired by local businessman Sio Tak Hong, expects its net loss to widen for its fiscal year ended July 31 compared to that of the previous year. ‘The Group is expected to record...
Over 20 non-resident workers accuse Great Harvest Group of unpaid wages but representatives of the company say they cannot understand the demonstration as the conflict has already been resolved
Over 20 non-resident workers accuse Great Harvest Group of unpaid wages but representatives of the company say they cannot understand the demonstration as the conflict has already been resolved
The number of home transactions in the territory also decreased 14.5 per cent to a total of 529
Macau residents bought 200 luxury properties in Zhuhai, only to discover that the promises are far from being fulfilled. A nightmare that has forced some of the buyers to seek help from the Macau government
The realtor records a net loss of HK$130 mln for the first five months.
Following the ‘Brexit’ referendum last week, Macau’s property agents believe that the property investment environment of the United Kingdom (UK) has yet to be affected.
A proposal to debate if restrictions should be imposed on non-residents regarding the sale of future housing developed in the MSAR New Areas was rejected by the Legislative Assembly, with legislators asking the government to develop a concrete plan as to which new housing developments will be public and private

Problems solved

Applicants for economic housing who got married during the waiting period will be approved to sign the deeds, the Housing Bureau (IH) announced in response to an interpellation made by legislator Ella Lei Cheng I. The Bureau claimed that it...
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