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Thursday, June 22, 2017
The Macau Design Centre is fully occupied, however even with a second phase under planning, a shortage of labour and funding is challenging the project housing the MSAR’s young entrepreneurs
Construction near heritage sites, urban planning, transportation planning and creating jobs in this field, will all be necessary to preserve the city’s heritage classification. Otherwise, the city risks putting itself ‘in danger’ or being de-listed from UNESCO’s list, heritage expert Sharif Shams Imon tells Business Daily. Not only informing and encouraging public participation, but also counting on experts will be necessary measures to implement.
The Talent Development Committee announced yesterday that it has launched three plans for the training of qualified personnel supported by scholarships that will be attributed to a total of five selected candidates. The three plans consist of graduate education level...
The President of the Macau Lawyers Association says local lawyers don’t believe security authorities will address their complaints of abuse of power and that a joint complaint to the government is being prepared
However, legislators representing different parties voiced their concerns and debated the pension scheme
Macau has more employees who are earning more money in Q1 2017
Both the number of spectators and of overseas racing teams increased in this year’s International Dragon Boat Races vis-a-vis last year
The next batch of applications for the Anim’Arte Nam Van artisan fair are now being accepted, for those wishing to apply for stands. Applications will be for the period between July and December of this year and must be...
The Macau Foundation is working on two projects to link countries along the Road and beyond
The city’s unemployment rate held stable at 2 per cent during the first four months of the year, according to the most recent information from the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC). Regarding local residents, the unemployment rate dropped by 0.1...
According to the Social Welfare Bureau around 14,000 people were suffering from gambling addictions in the MSAR in 2016
The foreign workforce accounted for nearly 36 per cent of Macau’s population in April 2017, but bureaucracy is still an obstacle in getting the labour needed by SMEs in a timely fashion
The implementation of a minimum wage for cleaners and security guards for buildings since its implementation a year and a half ago has led to an increase in property management fees, according to the chairman of the Property Management...
ICAC - the anti-corruption watchdog of Hong Kong - have made 21 arrests. Calling into question the stability of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge. Potentially falsified tests on concrete compression and a botched internal investigation by the contractor have emerged. Possibly leading to a complete re-evaluation of the project, originally slated for completion this year.
With the Dragon Boat Festival falling next Tuesday, the city is preparing to hold another edition of the International Dragon Boat Races, set to kick off Saturday. Business Daily delves into the history and current development of this cultural phenomenon
Beverage and tobacco prices rose over 12 per cent during the year ended March 2017
An increase of complaints by local lawyers against PSP and PJ officers for abuse of power has led the Macau Lawyers Association to prepare a joint complaint to the government
With the high demand for social housing units in the city, the Housing Bureau stated that the government is considering including regular social housing applications in the new system, but added that the new arrangement can only be made...
Five years after the Wynn-Okada spat, one of the 17 named in a report into alleged ‘improper relationships’ between Okada and Pagcor officials, is taking Wynn Macau to court. In Macau. In question is personal data protection, which had previously resulted in a MOP20,000 fine for Wynn, as it allegedly transferred the data outside the territory.
The CA slammed IACM for poor supervision of numerous road construction projects, as well as the ineffective performance of the Road Construction Co-ordination Group
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