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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
The legislator hopes the bill can be discussed in the legislature this year
Joseph Lau is listed in a top 100 global rich list despite the fact that he has transferred Chinese Estates shares to his children
Meanwhile, the MSAR’s overall attractiveness for foreign workers is higher than that of many Chinese cities
A total of 21 illegal works were found and arrested by authorities in January 2017, according to the most recent data presented by the Public Security Police Force (PSP). The data reveals there was a 57 per cent month-to-month reduction in the...
This week, several Macanese people attended the first class on patuá, the Portuguese-based creole language of Macau, held at the University of Saint-Joseph (USJ), hoping to learn more about the history of the language spoken by their grandparents. The patuá...
Malaysian authorities dismissed media reports yesterday that the country had sent a team of investigators to Macau to obtain DNA samples from Kim Jong Nam’s son, Kim Han Sol, reported Singaporean news outlet Channel NewsAsia. According to the news...
Smoking lounges can be maintained in casinos. Following implementation of the full-smoking ban bill. Despite the fact that the original bill features zero rooms. Changes reflect gaming operators’ proposed ‘high-standard’ cubicles. With a survey claiming 60 pct of casino workers acquiesce.

Open the door?

Opinions are polarised on whether the city should be more open to non-resident workers

A right royal mess

Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers grossly misreports royalties collected – stating it collected MOP80,000 more than it did

Art profits

Local artists believe increasing copyright awareness will help the local industry improve its revenues and sustainability

Protecting minors

Legislators agree on the introduction of two new crimes in the Penal Code: the solicitation of underage prostitution, and the production and use of child pornography
A culturally sustainable city is IC’s wish for the year ahead. The cultural bureau’s nearly half a billion pataca-budget for 2016 was a good start, but it has not prevented the shipyards in Coloane from falling apart
Permanent residents of the two Special Administrative Regions not born in the cities can now apply for a single entry permit to Taiwan via an online system operated by the Taiwanese National Immigration Agency, the Taipei Economic and Culture...
Dating boutique for high-income earners targets Cantonese-speaking locals
The slow march against increased traffic fees is to be repeated. But local associations are less understanding, requesting the DSSOPT Secretary step down as their first demand
The government is rushing to replace live poultry trade with frozen meat business due to Bird Flu outbreaks
Some 49 illegal workers were discovered to be labouring in the city in the month of December last year, according to the most recent data released by the city’s Public Security Police Force (PSP). The number had increased 63...

Golden opportunity

Chinese nationals comprise 71.3 per cent of the 4,423 foreign nationals who have received Portugal’s special residence permit since the programme started in 2012, with the connection to Macau seen as one of the main factors for the large percentage
The majority of the cases were related to labour affairs, according to the association

Stopping the trade

After mainland authorities announced their intention to stop the trade of ivory and ivory products, the local Customs Service has upped patrols, despite no ivory being seized last year
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