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Wednesday, July 26, 2017
The developer has revealed that the expense of renovating the top floor of the cinema has exceeded the initial budget
Chairman of Macau Gaming Information Association found guilty in new case of ‘name and shame’ casino debtor website
With the company’s debut full feature film playing last year in Hong Kong to much positive feedback, Oliver Fa, Creative Director of White Picture Productions, shares his views on the city’s filmmaking industry and his experience as a filmmaker
Professor Julien Chaisse, Director of the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development of the Faculty of Law of the Chinese University of Hong Kong
As the 41st session of the World Heritage Committee (WHC) reaches its conclusion, the credibility of local authorities is being put to the test, says António Conceição Junior, a member of the Macau Cultural Heritage Committee
Using his legal background and administrative experience in environmental issues, the former Secretary of State for the Environment of Portugal, José Eduardo Rego Mendes Martins, claims there is a lot of room for improvement in Macau. The good news is that opportunities for investment follow
The sex trade in Macau is overall regarded as a ‘permanent part’ of the local community, with respondents to a survey regarding ‘the idea of eliminating prostitution through legislation as being infeasible’. The results come from a study on the...
Local authorities are adapting to an increasingly complex social environment. The MSAR Gov’t has referenced a greater number of contributors, capital and attributions. In order to cope with the changes, the Administration will strengthen personnel and structure of related agencies.
Diverse opinions have been expressed by economists and academics regarding the newly tightened measures on cash withdrawals for CUP cardholders
Now entering its fifth year, the Business Awards of Macau will be returning to the Grand Lisboa Hotel on November 24. The event invites Macau’s most distinguished companies and professionals to participate in the Awards, with the closing date...
Local professional musician and drummer Ivan Wing believes that for Macau to create a true music industry, the government should be more open-minded with regard to noise restrictions and work licences for musicians, while increasing the amount of venues and concert locations
Lam Lon Wai and Lei Chan U have been nominated by the groups and associations of the labour sector, to represent the sector by participating in the 6th edition of the legislative assembly elections as indirect-elect legislators, local broadcaster...
Up to MOP500,000 in financial support for each candidate. Providing solutions and applications for developing the MSAR into a Smart City. Macau Science and Technology Fund is seeking projects involving transport, tourism, medical treatment and gov’t. Proposals are expected to harness the Cloud, mobile apps, e-commerce, mobile payments and the Internet of Things.
The Cultural Affairs Bureau claims to be diligently working to amend heritage preservation problems recently raised by UNESCO’s heritage arm. But hints that progress in urban planning might have saved them the extra pain
The financial support plan implemented on February 15 to help remove two-stroke engine motorbikes has received more than 4,400 applications to date, a release by the Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) announced yesterday. As a method to reduce emissions in the...
A restaurant located in the old neighbourhood of Taipa demonstrates how food and culture come together in one place
The Macau Design Centre is fully occupied, however even with a second phase under planning, a shortage of labour and funding is challenging the project housing the MSAR’s young entrepreneurs
Construction near heritage sites, urban planning, transportation planning and creating jobs in this field, will all be necessary to preserve the city’s heritage classification. Otherwise, the city risks putting itself ‘in danger’ or being de-listed from UNESCO’s list, heritage expert Sharif Shams Imon tells Business Daily. Not only informing and encouraging public participation, but also counting on experts will be necessary measures to implement.
The Talent Development Committee announced yesterday that it has launched three plans for the training of qualified personnel supported by scholarships that will be attributed to a total of five selected candidates. The three plans consist of graduate education level...
The President of the Macau Lawyers Association says local lawyers don’t believe security authorities will address their complaints of abuse of power and that a joint complaint to the government is being prepared
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