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Tuesday, March 28, 2017
The decrease in population is due to a decline in non-resident worker numbers
The organisers strive to continue to bring recognition to individuals’ and organizations’ contributions to society, hosting an event rewarding their efforts
Sports Fund splashes out MOP208.33 million in financial support in 2016

Do you speak English?

The MSAR ranks 11th in Asia and 37th worldwide according to a survey on English proficiency conducted by international education company EF Education First
With the resignation of the former director of the International Film Festival & Awards (IFFA), Marco Müller on November 13, the organizer of the event – Macau Films & Television Productions and Culture Association (MFTPA) – has announced it...

New Year, New Concerns

Discontent kicks off the year. With 1,600 citizens taking to the streets to protest new transportation penalties. Drastically increased since Jan. 1. Clamping and towing of vehicles should not be a “business,” says Legislator Coutinho. While Legislator Ng calls the scheme a “farce” concocted to distract from Administration failings.
Permanent residents of the two Special Administrative Regions not born in the cities can now apply for a single entry permit to Taiwan via an online system operated by the Taiwanese National Immigration Agency, the Taipei Economic and Culture...
China will host a TCR China Series in 2017, of which an invitational non-championship race will take place in the MSAR on November 19, according to the official website of TCR International Series. The championship will be organised in partnership...
Hotel Royal and the Ritz-Carlton have confirmed to Business Daily that they received a bomb-threat e-mail last week, believed by the local Judiciary Police (PJ) to be “prank”. The PJ said last Friday that it received a report from a...
The total number of workers in the construction field declined by 8.2 per cent from September to November
The First Public Notary Office located at the Holy House of Mercy (Santa Casa da Misericordia) building in Senado Square has now been relocated to the Northern District Integrated Services Center Building in Areia Preta. With its relocation, the Office...
Twenty enterprises took part in a recruitment fair organised by the Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FOAM), offering thousands of job vacancies covering fields such as information technology, engineering, and service and administration, according to local Chinese broadcaster TDM...

Carcinogenic hairy crabs

Chemicals that can accumulate and cause cancer have been found in a number of hairy crabs farmed in the Mainland and exported to Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, claims the South China Morning Post. On Tuesday, Hong Kong’s...
Smoking lounges can be maintained in casinos. Following implementation of the full-smoking ban bill. Despite the fact that the original bill features zero rooms. Changes reflect gaming operators’ proposed ‘high-standard’ cubicles. With a survey claiming 60 pct of casino workers acquiesce.
But workers from all sectors tend to be more satisfied with work in 2015 when compared to the year before

A right royal mess

Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers grossly misreports royalties collected – stating it collected MOP80,000 more than it did
In particular, the number of non-resident workers in the construction field dropped 19 per cent from one year ago

Art profits

Local artists believe increasing copyright awareness will help the local industry improve its revenues and sustainability
Content removal on music websites in the Mainland: censorship or copyright crackdown?
On the first day of 2017, the city commenced the implementation of the new contribution amount for the social security fund, announced in late October last year. The contribution doubled from its previous MOP45 (US$6) to MOP90, of which...
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