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Tuesday, September 26, 2017
List of gold medallists visiting Macau not yet confirmed.
The Portuguese Consulate in Macau will host an information seminar about Portugal’s Golden Visa on May 17 titled ‘How to obtain the best return and be a citizen of the most promising market in the European Union’, according to...
Macau Oxfam, along with 24 local entities, launches a campaign to raise awareness of the Fair Trade concept.
But the government has yet to resolve the deadlock over the lack of consensus on the contribution ratio by employers and employees supporting the Fund
Four local groups are to stage protests urging the government to rescind its 100 million yuan donation to Jinan University but local alumni and student associations of the University have a different opinion.
The exams, scheduled to take place last Saturday in Macau and on the Mainland, were cancelled due to the leak of test materials
More than 300,000 visitors on package tours stayed away from the territory compared to December 2014
Undertaking regular checks on illegal sewage and waste drainage are needed to ensure water quality.
The Health Bureau has defended its proposed ban on local sales of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) as part of the amendment of the tobacco control law, saying that e-cigarettes are not less harmful than traditional cigarettes, and that e-cigarettes should...
The government will pay MOP13.09 million (US$1.64 million) to the consortium comprising contractors Construções e Obras Públicas Ka Hou, China Road and Bridge and Sociedade de Engenharia e Electromecânica e Construção Civil Taxon for the management and maintenance of...
There was no united standard for the Bureau’s service centres to evaluate applications for financial assistance in 2013, the Commission of Audit says, claiming the differing standards of the government department had caused qualified applicants to lose their chance of receiving subsidies
Over a thousand local residents and tourists’ bank card information are suspected of having been stolen from 24-hour ATM machines on San Ma Lo (Avandia de Almerida Ribeiro) and the Grand Canal shopping area inside The Venetian according to...
The majority of the cases were related to labour affairs, according to the association
The Infrastructure Development Office (GDI) has announced that it has received 17 bids for the pillar foundations of the comprehensive services and administrative building of the Islands District Medical Complex. The building will be constructed on the south side of...

Palace revolution

Legislator Ella Lei cautions that such an incident reflects flaws in the government labour policy which she appeals local authorities review.
First-ever DJ to play live on stage at an Olympics opening ceremony was in Cubic in September.
A restaurant located in the old neighbourhood of Taipa demonstrates how food and culture come together in one place
The SAR Government plans to offer interest-free loans for learning foreign languages and discounted rentals for youth enterprises.
The number of existing RMB credit cards in Macau expanded 16.3 per cent year-on-year during the fourth quarter of 2015 to 179,040 cards from 153,960, according to the Credit Card Statistics released on Friday by the Monetary Authority of...
SAR could be a target but is not at risk.
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