CCAC: No violation found


Deputy Commissioner, Lam Chi Long, told the press that basically no violation of offering benefits was discovered over the course from March up until now. Some practices in the MSAR granted benefits to people in order to gain their political favour.
After attending the TDM Radio programme Macao Forum, Lam said they had performed over 2,900 inspections, with some 1,900 inspections in restaurants and venues that provide banquets as well as 1,000 inspections over activities that could offer funding or free tours. CCAC is currently following-up a few cases that are suspected of provision of benefits for campaigning.
Meanwhile, CCAC pledged to arrange in accordance with the possible situations on Election Day, including continued inspection over venues that could hold banquets.
On the other hand, Electoral Affairs Commission (CAEL), Tong Hio Fong, encourages legitimate voters to vote for this coming election.
When asked by the press about the insufficiency of the Electoral Law, Fong said CAEL will compose a report after the election and suggestions will be included. He pointed out an example that the law does not specifically suggest the action over a candidate who had paid Facebook for campaigning.
Also, regarding a complaint about a candidate for not serving the People’s Republic of China and the Macau Special Administrative Region, the CAEL head said that more concrete and objective evidence should be collected to decide whether the candidate in question is violating the regulations.
According to the Electoral Law, all candidates are required to sign a statement saying that the legislators have to support the Basic Law as well as to serve both the Mainland and MSAR.

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