Change the system, now


The latest suspicion, which now falls on the former president of the Cultural Institute, Gulherme Ung Vai Meng, has to be fully clarified. The image of Macau’s public administration has never been good, but 17 years after the handover could well be at its lowest ever. This is because the government insists on not acting, nor advancing with a promise made by the current Secretary for Administration and Justice, Sonia Chan, on the accountability of public office holders.
Once again the city was surprised by a exit scene of a senior official for personal reasons, just to find out that he and the institute he had led had been in the center of an investigation for allegedly bad practices instated by the Commission Against Corruption since the middle of last year. An investigation that Ng Vai Meng was aware of, as confirmed this week by his superior, Alexis Tam.
Over the years, countless cases have happened without the public knowing what really happened. The lack of consequence means that, in government and public administration, the idea that irresponsible and other attitudes possibly more damaging can always be clear, encourage those bad practices and behaviors. At most, those responsible leave the posts and in several other cases are placed on golden shelves, keeping full benefits and salaries.
It is imperative that investigations are always carried out, even for the defense of the honor and good personal name of the persons concerned, so that they are not forever connoted with the odious suspicion of the practice of illicit acts that nobody bothered to clarify.
Suspects must be cleared if they are innocent. But all legal mechanisms that the administration has at its disposal must be activated if the opposite is true.
What can not continue to exist is this eternal entrance and exit by the conveniences of a system of silences and alleged webs of connection between various levels of administration. Where a head falls, as if we were before any mythological figure like that of Lerna’s Hydra, keep watch in case the others remain alive and possibly multiply again.