Chinese authorities mull cross-boundary licence issues


Guangdong authorities are to roll out policies to help resolve the problem of non-transferable cross-boundary vehicle licences, local Chinese language newspaper Macao Daily has reported.
Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao Cross-Border Automobile Association, led by legislators Chan Meng Kam and Si Ka Lon, had a meeting on Wednesday with the Department of Public Security of Guangdong Province Traffic Management Bureau in order to resolve the issue.
According to Chinese regulations, cross-boundary vehicle licences between the Mainland and the MSAR cannot be transferred even if the registered company on the Mainland had already ceased operation and even in other situations such as divorce or intention to pass down to descendants.
Given the inconsistencies of licence ownership, licences in question are unable to be used on other vehicles but instead must be cancelled.
As a result, many vehicles with the licence have been used for decades, consequently posing safety issues and environmental problems.
The department head of the Guangdong traffic bureau Shen Yongqiang has arrived at a consensus with the Association that licence holders could register for transfer when meeting the following criteria.
For holders who obtained licences via the purchase of property on the Mainland but later underwent divorce, received a court judgement or intend to transfer to a descendent could register the transfer of licence.
It is also applicable to holders with registered companies that had changed or companies that had re-registered – with the proviso of paying over RMB5 million tax per year in the name of the company.
Both parties are also planning to conduct studies on non-transferable licences for SARs residents intending to change properties in Mainland China.
According to Macao Daily, there are currently 20,000 vehicles with cross-boundary licences, with an estimated 6,000 to 8,000 having non-transferable licences.