Chinese workers protest again in Saipan


Another protest erupted last week in Saipan, by a group of workers who were laid off in March without proper pay from two companies affiliated with Imperial Pacific International Holdings, The Marianas Variety reported on Friday.
A total of 37 workers who were formerly employed by MCC International and Beilida Overseas Ltd. – two Chinese sub-contractors of the Best Sunshine Casino operated by Hong Kong-listed IPI in the U.S. Commonwealth Pacific Island – claimed they had sought assistance from a local Chinese Association to send a letter to the Chinese Consulate in the U.S.
According to an excerpt from the letter published by the same news outlet, the Chinese workers claim they ‘paid thousands of dollars’ to go to Saipan, and that they had worked ‘long days under bad conditions for less than a minimum wage.’ The workers further claimed that after one of their co-workers died from a fall, they were all laid off.
The group is demanding payment of what is owed to them according to the law, and compensation for the injured workers.
The workers are currently staying in a dormitory in Garapan, and receiving food from IPI.
Controlled by Hong Kong billionaire Cui Lijie, IPI is said to be the biggest contributor to the island’s economy and its largest private-sector employer, according to previous reports.