City’s population growth slowing


The total population of the MSAR reached 648,400 as at the end of June, just 100 individuals more than at the end of the previous quarter, according to the most recent data released by the Statistics and Census Service (DSEC).
The city’s population decreased by 4,100 people when compared to the end of the first half of last year, when Macau had 652,500 registered residents.
The number of non-resident workers decreased by 1,185 people at the end of the second quarter to 178,694, with the number of Chinese immigrants authorised to stay in the city falling almost 36 per cent quarter-to-quarter to 776, and with the number of resident permits granted between April and June also falling by 7.1 per cent quarter-to-quarter, to 382.
Some 20,699 non-resident workers saw their work permits cancelled between April and June, 27.4 per cent more than in the previous quarter, while the number of emitted work permits grew by 5.6 per cent quarterly to 19,514.
Of the total number of non-residents in the MSAR, 63.6 per cent were from Mainland China, with residents from the Philippines and Vietnam representing 15.4 per cent and 8.3 per cent, respectively, of the non-native population.

Life and death
Of the total registered population at the end of June of this year, 52.8 per cent or 342,500 were female residents.
A total of 1,596 live births occurred in the second quarter of 2017, 36 more than in the first three months of the year, with 52 per cent of newborns male.
A total of 933 marriages were registered in the MSAR in the second quarter, 161 less than in the previous quarter.
The population’s mortality increased by seven quarter-to-quarter, to 513, between April and June, with the DSEC citing neoplasms, diseases of the circulatory system and diseases of the respiratory system as the three main underlying causes of death.