Complying with the law


According to the head of Macau’s Legislative Assembly (AL), Ho Iat Seng, the chairman of the National People’s Congress (NPC), Zhang Dejiang, informed him that the current MSAR Land Law doesn’t go against the city’s Basic Law, reported local broadcaster TDM.
The chairman of the NPC also allegedly told Macau delegates that “profound issues” regarding land and transport in the city should be addressed under the ‘One Country, Two Systems’ and the Basic Law frameworks.
“This is a very important principle, since many disputes in Macau touched on Article 6 of the Basic Law, on individual property. And this time it’s very clear. We’re told that the Land Law doesn’t violate the Basic Law,” said Ho Iat Seng, as reported by TDM.
The head of the legislative body further revealed that the AL would review the recordings of the 2013 committee meetings where the Land Law was discussed, by the end of March, in order to analyse if any promises were made by the government stating that a solution would be found for land concessions made before the current law was enforced in March of 2014.