Cultural Centre repairs underway, no set opening date


No date has yet been set for the reopening of the Macao Cultural Centre in the wake of the damage caused by Typhoon Hato, which damaged the superstructure of the building (see image) resulting in the cancellation of all activities scheduled to take place in the venue, according to information provided by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC).
Currently ‘the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau has been following up on repair works for the Macao Cultural Centre,’ notes the IC response to Business Daily enquiries.
‘At the present stage, the Bureau is conducting work to reinforce the Macao Cultural Centre and to eliminate hazard situations. Certain areas of the Centre are temporarily closed and all activities at the Centre are suspended. The reopening date of the Macao Cultural Centre will depend upon the weather and progress of the work, hoping that it will reopen as soon as the repair works are concluded’ reads the response.
Regarding potential costs resulting from the damage and subsequent repair, IC notes that they are ‘still being estimated’.
Given the damage to the Centre and surrounding buildings, ‘the Cultural Affairs Bureau also appeals to the public to avoid visiting that area for their safety.’