David Chow: Current law unfair to gaming workers


The MSAR Government should revise the laws in order that gaming workers not be required to work during strong weather conditions, according to local gaming mogul and Consultant to the Economic Development Committee and chairman of the Federal General Commercial Association of Macau Small and Medium Enterprises David Chow Kam Fai.
Local Chinese language newspaper Macao Daily reported Chow’s opinion pointing out the unfairness of the current law that casinos are allowed to operate 24/7 even in conditions of strong inclement weather.
Chow remarked that workers’ safety should be of primary concern, noting that in regard to customers, tourists should be advised to not visit the city when there is the likelihood of a typhoon hitting, given that they could be stuck in the casinos and gamble, while workers would have to go to work.
He further said that responsibilities should not be placed on gaming operators, indicating that it would produce conflicts between investors and workers.
Chow perceives that the government would not see a large impact due to the loss of one or two days’ gaming taxes.