DICJ and DSAL to help gaming workers


The city’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) and the Labours Affairs Bureau (DSAL) had a meeting with representatives of the six gaming operators on Friday, to help gaming workers express demands and question their rights in regards to when typhoons hit the city.
During the meeting on Friday, the DICJ urged the gaming operators to consider humane treatment for workers who were absent or late for work during the typhoon period.
In response, the operators reported that they had handled cases of reasonable absence of workers during the superstorm, while indicating that the safety of workers was their primary concern.
The representatives also pledged to enhance communication with employees and to set up appropriate arrangements for workers when harsh weather conditions arise.
Last week, some 200 workers of Galaxy Entertainment Group approached the DSAL to lodge complaints over the working hour arrangements during the recent typhoon incidents.
Workers from The Venetian had also previously complained that they were stuck on the property and continued working overtime during the typhoon period, with some workers claiming to have worked for 16 continuous hours.

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