DSF: Gov’t not publishing Chinese text of current Procurement Law


The government has decided to revise the Procurement Law in one way through the adoption of a legal approach, and the Chinese text of the current decree will not be published in the current stage, the Financial Services Bureau (DSF) stated in response to legislator Chan Meng Kam’s interpellation.
According to the legislator, the Procurement Law was implemented by the former Portuguese government and has been in use for over 30 years, with the absence of an official Chinese translation of the decrees.
Initially, the Bureau previously stated that the government will revise the law in two stages with both administrative and legal approaches, but it was later advised by the legal department to address the revision in just the legal approach.
The Bureau indicated that the revision procedures are accelerating and the bill with both Chinese and Portuguese translations will be released on a yet-to-be-determined day for deliberation at the Legislative Assembly.
Regarding the schedule, DSF is striving to carry out internal consultation in September and public consultation within the first quarter of next year, in order to proceed to the legislative procedure by the third quarter of 2018.
Meanwhile, the Bureau replied to the legislator that currently there is no intention to revise the unofficial Chinese text of the decree at the Government Printing Bureau, stating that the translations do not present significant misunderstandings and issues.
DSF pledged to pay attention to the quality of translations in future revisions.