DSSOPT collects public opinion on use of 10 plots


The Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) has started a public consultancy for designating the use of 10 land plots, as announced on the official Urban Planning Information website. The public consultation period will last until August 8 this year, with opinions to be collected in regards to two long-term land concessions, two land leases and six private plots of land.
The private land plot located near Barra Square (Travessa do Petróleo) on the Macau Peninsula is the largest of the 10, taking up some 1,534 square metres. The proposal suggests the plot be used for non-industrial purposes, with the maximum height of the building at eight metres.
The Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC) advised that the construction of buildings on the land should be in a style that correlates with the surrounding structures.
Another private plot, located in Taipa near Terreno junto ao Caminho das Hortas, is the second largest plot amongst the rest. The second plot occupies some 611 square metres and is similarly to be used for non-industrial purposes. The maximum height of buildings to be constructed on the land is 50 metres.
Another notable plot is a villa situated on Penha Hill. The plot takes up 563 square metres and is one of the two long-term land concessions. The villa itself is protected under the Heritage law, with the height of the structure standing at nine metres.
IC suggested in the proposal that the surrounding green environment of the villa should be kept, with at least one large sized tree to be placed in the forecourt.
With the implementation of the Urban Planning Law on March 1, 2014, public opinion must be sought regarding the use of all land plots except those to be used for public infrastructure, and deliberated upon by the Urban Planning Committee.