Economical housing applicants on the move


The Housing Bureau (IH) has reported that 5,742 economical housing applicants have been officially approved to notarise contracts, of whom 5,356 have appointed notaries, with 4,424 completing the procedure, according to the Bureau press release.
In particular, the Bureau has notified 634 applicants in advance of the sale of Edifice Cheng I to submit documents for notarisation; the Bureau will also continue to review applicants’ documents.
As at Wednesday, 200 applicants for Edifice Cheng I, located on Avenida do Conselheiro Borja, had received approval from the Bureau for notarisation.
Recently, IH was slammed by the local anti-graft body, urging it to update the economic housing laws in order to improve the distribution of housing to those in need.
The anti-graft body initiated an investigation after receiving 27 complaints from candidates for economic housing.
The Bureau recently confirmed that applicants for economical housing who got married during the waiting period will be approved to sign the deeds.