Election candidates allowed more but shorter broadcasting periods on TDM


Each electoral list running for this year’s Legislative Assembly (AL) Elections through direct or indirect suffrage will be entitled to 12 broadcasts on local public broadcaster TDM Chinese TV, 33 broadcasts on TDM Chinese Radio, eight broadcasts on TDM Portuguese TV and 21 broadcasts on TDM Portuguese Radio, a release in the Official Gazette announced yesterday.
Although the number of TV and radio broadcasts allowed was increased when compared to the 2013 AL Elections, broadcasting times were reduced by one minute, with effective broadcasting time still remaining at 38 minutes of TV broadcasting and 54 broadcasting minutes for radio.
The candidate lists will be able to use the broadcasting time from the start of the electoral campaign period on September 2 until two days before the September 17 election day.
Candidates are not allowed to promote their campaigns between August 2 and September 2.
Each TV broadcast on TDM will have to run for a two-minute period, with the exception of one final transmission allowed on September 15, which will have to run for one minute.
All electoral radio broadcasts on TDM will have to run for one minute.