Enough to make you WannaCry


The Secretary for Security has announced that “as of now” authorities have not received any complaints apropos the international cyberattack launched last Friday, but highlighted the necessity of creating a cybersecurity centre to detect threats in advance.
According to Secretary Wong Sio Chak, at the end of last year a law proposal on cybersecurity was sent to the Executive Council for consideration with the objective of detecting cyber threats ahead of time and immediately alerting the public.
The statements by Secretary Wong were made on the sidelines of a seminar on ‘Emergency Treatment of Incidents and Post-Treatment Strategies’.
This proposal intends to “unify the cybersecurity prevention system” in Macau, integrating three main services: the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP), Judiciary Police and Macao Post and Telecommunications Bureau.
The 2016 Governance Action Lines (LAG) already mentions the development of a cybersecurity centre in order to ‘guarantee the security of the information systems of the most local important infrastructures, reinforce the capacity for collaboration between departments and the communications sector, in Macau or overseas, against cyber attacks’.
The LAG’s for last year also highlighted the necessity to ‘improve judicial support and efficiency in countering cyber threats’.
Last week ‘ransomware’ cyber attack – dubbed WannaCry – affected some 300,000 computers worldwide.
A ransomware is software that blocks access to the infected computer’s system, requesting the payment of a ransom to unblock the system.

Always alert
When questioned about the three security officers arrested for criminal association and abuse of power, Secretary Wong said there was the need for a reinforcement of the oversight system.
“This Administration is not afraid of revealing any eventual criminal cases and will always be alert,” the Secretary stated, adding he hoped that through more oversight there would be a decrease in such cases.
On May 13, three Macau police officers were arrested in Cotai together with eight other suspects, for allegedly accepting bribes from non-residents seeking to enter the city.

Safe passage
When questioned about the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HKZMB), Secretary Wong said a “full Customs inspections system” will be put in place through co-operation in oversight and transfer of information.
Macau and Hong Kong residents wishing to travel to Mainland China will only be required to present a safe-conduct granted by the two SAR Governments, while residents returning to Macau will only have to present their MSAR Resident Identity Card (BIR).
At the end of this month and the beginning of June, Mainland China police offers and authorities will be present in Macau to conclude a proposal for the system to be adopted, according to an official release. with Lusa