Flats shortfall for civil servants a hot potato


Regarding the significant shortage of accommodations for civil servants in the city, the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau (SAFP) stated that in order to construct houses for public servants it needs to make various cautious considerations vis-a-vis the benefits to society as a whole.
In response to legislator Si Ka Lon’s written interpellation, the government department explained yesterday that consideration of the overall housing policy is necessary for the planning of the construction of civil servants’ accommodations, noting that the land in Macau is both limited and valuable.
SAFP brought up the subject of the increased housing subsidy launched on the first day of this year, justifying its attempt to soothe the current pressure of the expense of housing that most civil servants are enduring.
According to the official reply, the MSAR Government rolled out 110 units in 2016 for rental, and is currently in the allocation stage, adding that a few flats have been reserved for the foreign workers and translators it employs.
The government perceives that allocations will be completed within this year.
Meanwhile, no rental units are to be rolled out as the government is expecting small units to be returned.
Legislator Si Ka Lon, on the other hand, enquired about revising the old law regarding the civil servants housing distribution system.
SAFP admitted that the current law is outdated, saying that the government is currently in the initial stage of researching amendments to the law.

Demand for public housing
Legislator Ella Lei Cheng I submitted a written enquiry questioning whether the government is to produce an overall public housing policy concurrently with the research results pertaining to the demand for public housing release due by the end of this year.
The Housing Bureau appointed an academic institution to conduct research to determine the level of demand for public housing in the city in 2016. She criticised the government for not disclosing any information about the government’s intentions regarding the study results. Lei also enquired whether housing policy would be based on the research results.