Fong Son Kin: More industries sought for rejuvenated industrial buildings


Fong Son Kin, chairman of the Industrial Association of Macau (IAM), said the government could include more industries in industrial categories such as software development, movie making and photography studio. The comments came during TDM radio programme Macao Forum.
Fong said the categories for industrial usage should be revised to suit current economic development in order to assure the full utilisation of industrial buildings.
The government proposed the rejuvenation scheme for industrial buildings in 2011.
However, due to the sparse ownership of buildings, successful rejuvenation was limited, said the IAM chairman.
Fong also suggested amending the current law, given that the rejuvenation of industrial buildings, or change of building usage, requires approval of 100 per cent of owners.

No playing
Recently, the government forcibly closed down 10 children playgrounds due to the absence of a licence, seven of which were located in industrial buildings.
The playgrounds, according to current regulations, do not qualify for a licence since playgrounds are not categorised as an industrial activity, the Head of Department of the Environment, Hygiene and Licensing of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM), Fong Vai Seng, said.
Meanwhile, the chairman of the Architects Association of Macau, Leong Chong In, said that mixed usage of industrial buildings, meaning units used for industrial as well as commercial operations, would pose a high fire risk.
In Hong Kong, as cited by Leong, rejuvenation can only be performed for the entire industrial building.