Gaming operators reducing number of shuttle buses


The intention, according to DSAT, is for the shuttle bus routes in the territory to be cut by 20.55 per cent from 73 routes to 58 Gaming operators have recently been urged by the Traffic Affairs Consultative Committee to reduce the number of shuttle bus routes, and they are already taking action as requested. The plan revealed by the government indicates that the goal is for the number of shuttles routes in the territory to decline 20.55 per cent to 58 bus routes from the 73 operating in 2015. As of this moment, the number stands at 65 bus routes, a decline of 11 per cent per cent, according to Portuguese language newspaper Hoje Macau, which quotes the Transport Bureau (DSAT). In terms of number, Sands China is the operator to have cut the largest number of routes, reducing its bus routes by four shuttle buses from 21 to 17. Regarding the number of routes operated by the company, this represents a decline of 17 per cent. The American operator has already accomplished its final goal in terms of the reduction of shuttle buses. During the same period, SJM Holdings recorded a decline of three bus routes from 12 to nine. In percentage terms, this is the largest cut among the operators representing 25 per cent of its own operated routes. However, the company founded by Stanley Ho still has to cut another two bus routes. MGM has already accomplished its goal by cutting the number of bus routes from 5 in 2015 to 4 this year, a 20 per cent decline year-on-year. The remaining operators, Melco Crown, Galaxy and Wynn, have yet to cut the frequency of their shuttle buses. The companies are expected to reduce the routes by 7.15 per cent, 18.75 per cent and 20 per cent, respectively.