Give life to The 13!


It is very difficult to understand what is going on with the project for purportedly the most luxurious hotel in the world.
It was supposed to open some time ago. A huge investment has already been made. There is an entire fleet of red Rolls-Royces already acquired. There are plans to make it a different product from what we already have in Macau. A true diversification of the mass market and of traditional VIP rooms. There are entertainment venues which will make it exclusive.
Well, in my view, there is a recipe for success for attracting the high end of global society. And then?
Then, it seems the Government does not want this. Gaming tables have yet to be approved – for God’s sake, there are new gaming areas approved every single week: is it so difficult to green light a new product which may carve out a niche by attracting the world biggest names?
As a super luxury product, of course, it is not for all bourses. But, to a layman like myself, wouldn’t it be good for Macau’s reputation to have this mystery solved once and for all?
There are companies which have already invested a huge amount of money. Surely, they have done that because the Macau Government has promised that it would have gaming tables. No reasonable person can believe that this was not the case. So, what is the Government waiting for? To decline gaming tables for super rich people? To deny that a different and high-end product be put into operation? To not collect the taxes that it will generate?
It is hard to believe that when the plans were approved there was not in place a casino area. Macau needs products like The 13. Even more, in this part of the world this number is not as unlucky as in Western catholic countries. As a matter of fact “1” in the tens means definite and “3” sounds like life, living or birth. Not even this can be used as an excuse to not allow the opening of the red diamond hotel.
So, if there is still someone who reads this column – I am sure most of you are already focused on elections – please give a definite “1” life “3” to The 13!